Frankie Fahimi - REALTOR®

(818) 929-2929

Rodeo Realty

A leader in the newest generation of young and successful residential Agents. Frankie has over 15 years of real estate experience servicing buyers and sellers. He and his group at Rodeo Realty are looking to change the scope of how real estate transactions are handled. Frankie remains very excited about learning what is the latest cutting-edge technology and takes pride in always keeping himself up to date on all the newest and innovative changes that become available. The strategic and sophisticated approach Frankie has brought to the industry is setting the bar much higher than ever before. To compete with his marketing plans, networking abilities, and deal-making skills, is an extremely tall task for competing agents. His additions to in-house graphic design, exclusive financing, and escrow affiliates, along with his incredibly talented team of sales and marketing professionals makes Frankie Fahimi indeed one of the most intriguing people in real estate today.

My goal for sellers is just to do better. I will spend more marketing dollars, work more, and use a more strategic approach than any of my competitors. What I do in my marketing plan is not trial and error, it is proven and tested. My team and I work around the clock so that we leave nothing on the table. I show every property myself, instead of other successful agents having their assistants do the dirty work. I work hard at what I do, I love what I do, and I gain the respect of all my clients by proving that every day.

My goal for buyers is to find them something they could not necessarily find on their own. I am here to provide a service that is far from average. I have a list 'pocket listings' that is so immense that the bulk of deals I show my clients had never before been seen. I feel I give my clients the first crack at most properties, and as a result, we tend to find ourselves in buyer friendly negotiations. I have incredible relationships with various banks, escrow offices, and title companies. I am here to fight for you, and I have no problem telling you to walk away if the seller is unrealistic, so all and all, I feel I give you the best chance at making a sound investment that suits your lifestyle.